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Friday, August 5, 2011

Kindle Giveaway Contest for Brilliant Prey E-book Launch

WINNERS are announced here: Brilliant Prey Giveaway WINNERS 

No Purchase Necessary

On October 8, 2011, I will randomly draw the winner of the Kindle, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display (with offers) and other prizes to celebrate my ongoing e-book launch of Brilliant Prey (currently only 99 cents). Brilliant Prey is a somewhat dark Mystery Thriller with a complicated romance thrown into the mix. The book is now available at AmazonBarnes and Noble and for virtually any e-reader including your computer at Smashwords. The better Brilliant Prey does, the more prizes I’ll give away. I got this first Kindle for “free” by trading in some stuff to Amazon that we were going to donate anyway. See my July "how to" blog on how you can do this, too.

(Share buttons are at the bottom of this blog.)

TWEET/Retweet Contest, “How To” blog or Brilliant Prey link—1 chance each time.
LIKE on Amazon or Barnes & Noble—1 chance each.
FACEBOOK or MySpace share Contest, “How To” or BP link—1 chance each time.
EMAIL with “Next Book” in subject line—20 chances.
BLOG about Brilliant Prey with link, Contest or “How To”—20 chances.
REVIEW of Brilliant Prey on book websites (i.e. Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads, etc.), your blog, or social media—20 chances. Add 5 for each additional book site.
COMMENT on my blog or someone’s blog I’m visiting and include your email—5.

Other prizes will include Amazon gift cards and e-books formatted for your particular e-reader or for your computer. (If you’ve done any of these listed things before this post came out, you are already entered.) If something incredible happens, like Brilliant Prey hits the top Kindle 100, I’ll definitely throw in a second Kindle to give away! The more you share this contest, and the better Brilliant Prey does, the more prizes I’ll happily give away. I will send the e-book free to anyone who wants to post a blog review. I am open for blog interviews to anyone clamoring for that. Good luck! I greatly enjoy entering these kinds of contests, myself, so I hope you win. Check back for more prizes and contest tweaks.

The contest details are below for those who have the time and interest to review them:

TWEET or Retweet this Brilliant Prey (BP) contest, the July "how to" blog at, or a link to BP  —1 chance each up to 3 chances per day. (i.e. up to 90 chances for 30 days).

LIKE on Amazon or Barnes & Noble—1 chance each.
FACEBOOK or MySpace share either the Brilliant Prey contest or how to blog—1 chance each up to 2 chances per day (i.e. up to 60 chances 30 days).

EMAIL me at with “Next Book” in the subject line so I can notify you when my next book is released—20 chances. (Just reply Unsubscribe if you ever want off that.)

BLOG about Brilliant Prey with a link to the book; blog about this contest; or about my July how to blog—20 chances.

REVIEW Brilliant Prey and post your review on the book websites (i.e. Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads, Bookrix, etc.), or on your blog, or social media—20 chances. Add 5 chances each for each additional site you post. (Can copy and paste your review). Review can be a short blurb, with no spoilers, please.

COMMENT on my blog or someone’s blog I visit and include your email—5 chances. Can’t add more entries by commenting on the same blog),

I will need enough contact information to tally entries and so you can claim any prizes by either TWITTER  @brendabwallace (note middle “b” in my name on Twitter), direct message or #BrilliantPrey hashtag; FACEBOOK message; or simply EMAIL Brenda at I won’t spam you or sell your information. I don’t like that, either.


  1. Hi Brenda :)

    Ok, I got dizzy with all details above. :D It's midnight here, so brain not working anyway.

    I came to see your blog actually. Congrats on the book, I'm very glad for you :) I like the cover very much.

  2. so, how do we enter the contest?

  3. Hi Irene. Thank you! You already got 6 entries by retweeting once and commenting.

    Hi Dan. Just commenting here gives you 5 entries once you add enough contact info so I can reach you i.e. Dan at gmail dot com. As long as I'm notified somehow, then I can keep track. The easiest way to notify me is by email: Brenda at You can also review the Quick Chart above which will help you multiply your chances. Thank You, Dan!

  4. Okay, Brenda, lots of detail, here, I much rather read your book. LOL.
    Congratulations, just saw the announcement now.

  5. Thank you so much, Christa! I know how to contact you so you got 5 contest entries for this comment. :)

  6. Hi Brenda. I had details like that when I started my blog tour until one of my blog hosts told me to shrink down a bit. I was frustrated, but I didn't get any more questions.

    Does that count toward my points?

  7. Yes, it does count, Jeff. I can tell that I put in too many details. The Quick Chart just seemed to add to the mush, didn't it? Good thing I can edit blog posts.

  8. Okay. I made it simpler by moving the details to the bottom for those folks who want to read details.

  9. I'm sooo excited for you Brenda! Congratulations! I visited your guest post at Neal's before coming here and seeing that I needed to leave my email (I also figured you already have it lol). Anyway can't wait to read this book even though it's a genre I tend to not read as much. My email is Happy Sales!!!

  10. I'm equally excited for you, Calisa! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on Neal's blog and here. I know how much time that takes and I appreciate you. I'm so happy that you sold Home and are working with an editor on your novel. Fun and exciting times!

  11. Hi Brenda - new follower of the blog & Twitter! Congrats on the book, it sounds really interesting - I can't wait to read it!


  12. Thank you LadyAntimony :) Looks like I already found you on Twitter. I really liked your blog and look forward to reading your books, too! It's fun and cool to meet people in the United Kingdom.

  13. Thank you, this is all very exciting. I got your book on my TBR shelf & congratulations.


  14. Hi Brenda, congratulations on the release of Brilliant Prey. Wishing it a lot of success.

    I just liked your book on Amazon :)

    Cambonified (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. Thank you, Katie and Na! It's been fun for sure.

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